Only in Stockholm: Run Lola run!

Hi guys! Today’s blog post is all about fitness and the gym trend seen here in Stockholm. While the trend itself is actually Euro-American, the difference between gym culture in Stockholm and Riga (even though it is coming to Latvia too, but slowly) is hardly unnoticeable.

Everybody runs here!


People train like there is no tomorrow, they train at the gym, they train in parks…


…those who do not run, bike…


…if not running or biking, it is paddling…


It also feels like sport wear is becoming a fashion statement – every third person on the street is having gym clothes on and it is downtown Stockholm. How many people do you normally see wearing gym clothes in Old town Riga? I did it a couple of times and I can tell you it did not feel natural.

You can’t get a better motivation for your workout routine. Seeing all those people running, exercising, biking and paddling makes you wanna go home right away, put on your best looking gym pants and go running –  together with hundreds of others!

So run, people, run!


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