Four months as a mother

Samuel Theodor is now 4 months and to celebrate he got his first sIMG_3020-0poon of banana-pear puree! To say the least, he did not rank it as the best meal he has ever got, but we tried again today and he was more interested 🙂

During these 4 months Samuel gave us his several “baby firsts” – first recognition of our faces, first smile, first toy grab, first coo, first giggle and first laugh. I can now say that baby’s laugh is the cutest thing you can hear (me and Seb are now competing who will make Samuel laugh louder, longer and harder 😀 )

I have also experienced myself the whole “kids grow too fast” thing. Oh, they so do. It makes me sad to put away clothes that he’s grown out of and when I go through his “just born” pictures it shocks me how quickly you forget how tiny your baby was…

I do not think there was a single day during this time that would go by without any of my “regulars” – “Should he eat more?”, “Are the clothes too tight? Is it uncomfortable for him?”, “Does he need a hat?”, “His forehead is warm, is he ill?”, “He coughed. Has he caught a cold?”, “Is it too cold for him?”, after putting an extra layer on “Is it too hot now?”. And Seb can probably name a couple of more 🙂

I am frequently asked if being a parent feels more difficult/ easier, different from what I had in mind. I can tell that while I was pregnant I was preparing myself for the hardest times to come – that I will not be able to sleep, I will forget to eat, I will be stressed and tired all the time, I will be depressed and angry. All I was hearing was “Enjoy your life now while you can” (it almost sounded like there will be no life after the baby comes 😀 ). So, my expectations were set for the worst and I am grateful that my everyday reality is slightly different. I sleep, I eat  (almost anything I want), I workout, I feel rested and happy to be a mother. There are of course some days when nothing is good enough for him and you can’t even take a 5 minute shower :-D. I must say I forget all about it when I see him sleeping peacefully in his crib later that day 🙂

My journey into the motherhood is off to a good start and I look forward to its continuation. So many “firsts” are yet to come.

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