Only in Stockholm: “dirty” business

When I studied in Stockholm back in 2010 I was living in a student apartment, for me it was the first time living in a dormitory. For doing my laundry I would share a laundry room with other students located outside my building (so you actually had to walk there carrying all your clothes, in rain and in -20C – that winter was crazy cold in Sweden). It always made sense to me to have a setup like this for students (it would be bizarre to have your own laundry machine in a 12 m2 room while you are sharing a kitchen with 15 others).

However, surprisingly enough, “grown-up” apartments in Stockholm do not differ that much. It is expected that you have a shared laundry room in the basement of the building (or in the building next to it) even though you live in a high standard residential building. You use it together with other tenants. You sign up for a 3 hour-time slot, and as a polite Swede you make sure you finish your laundry in time for the next person.

For those who are having hard time to picture what I am talking about here, I took a couple of pictures. The facility is actually quite nice, equipment is top quality, 3 big washers and a very convenient machine for drying your clothes quickly with no damage.




The Swedes (100%) bring their clothes in big blue IKEA bags, so funny. They love IKEA these little Swedes.



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