Last day in Stockholm

me_carAfter a weekend of intense packing, heavy lifting (more for Seb rather than for me) and scrupulous planning, we can finally rest. Man, I hate packing, I get stressed while I pack and I start stressing already several days before the travel since I know I will have to be packing soon :-D. And Samuel does not make it easier either!

So today is our last day in Stockholm. Our plane for Malta leaves tomorrow at 6:50 am and at around noon (only 16 hrs to wait) we will be opening the door to our new place in Tigne Point, Sliema.

Samuel normally falls asleep at around 8 pm and wakes up only in the morning (he does not eat during the night for about 2 months now already, lucky me, yey), and in order not to upset his sleeping routine too much, we decided to stay at an airport hotel tonight to get an extra hour of sleep.

Sweden treated us well this summer. We rented a beautiful house in Sigtuna for two weeks, next to the water, my parents came to visit. Our house is white/ orange on the picture below.


So good bye Stockholm… We are gonna miss this lovely promenade – we took a walk with Samuel along this river channel just by our apartment almost every day…


Isn’t this a beautiful city? I think there is no better place to be during the summer 🙂


It however seems like autumn is coming to Sweden already – you can feel it in the air. So why don’t just go to some place nice, some place warm? Malta, we are on our way! 🙂


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