First impressions

So we are here! Surprisingly enough I have never been to Malta before so I could only imagine what the life was going to be here. It certainly feels fantastic to come to +28C 🙂

This is first picture I took today while walking with Samuel along the shore. I hear that there are so many beautiful places to be explored in Malta so I’m excited to visit many of them.


And these ones are from our apartment… I was so excited about the sea view that you can enjoy so I even forgot I was starving for a couple of hours (that almost never happens to me) 😀IMG_3789


Samuel is feeling pretty well, poor guy did not sleep much yesterday so last night he slept for 10 hours straight and then 2 more hours (!) in the morning today after he had his milk. Now, while that sounds just awesome (I even managed to unpack all our bags and work on some home arrangements), the second part of the day was unfortunately “kill me, kill me now!”, as our son all of a sudden transformed into a little drama queen. Hopefully these are just consequences of all the travelling we did and he is just adopting to a new place.

Air travel with the baby was a first time experience for me and I am going to share some essential tips on how to make the trip less stressful for you, your baby and everybody around you (very important on the plane !) 🙂

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