Day in Valletta

photo 5

We had a great day today! So nice with the weekend! It takes only 5 minutes from our place to go to Valletta by boat so we went on a little sightseeing tour.

photo 1-3

Unfortunately Samuel is not a big fan of long stroller walks, but he loves the front carrier.

photo 3-3photo 3-2

Valetta streets are very cozy! Exploring…

photo 2-2

photo 1-2

When we are on vacation (even though we are not at the moment, but it still feels like one), lunch is our favourite meal of the day – what can be better than good italian pizza or seafood platter and a glass of wine; so of course we had one in Valetta today.

Samuel grabs everything within his reach these days so he was pretty close of putting a piece of squid into his mouth 🙂

photo 5-2

Amazing views, what else can I say!

photo 4photo 1-4We also found a beautiful green park among yellow concrete buildings – such a luxury on the island!

photo 2

After the sightseeing, we took a swim in the sea in Sliema, then opened a bottle of red wine on our terrace and Seb treated us with a nice dinner – medium-rare steak and home-made Béarnaise 🙂 So happy!


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