Five months as a mother

This little one is 5 months today! photoSamuel is so fun these days – smiling, laughing, he is enjoying toys and books, it is great to be around him! And he wants you to be around him too. In fact – all the time! He also screams bloody murder as soon as you leave the room! 😀

A month ago I wrote about my “regulars” – not always relevant daily concerns. It seems that I have now reached a new stage of motherhood. A couple of times I caught myself pushing a stroller without Samuel in it 🙂 And sometimes I do not even feel when he drools on me (he will be getting teeth soon so drooling and chewing is what he does). 😀

He is also getting more and more curious about the world, he is grabbing everything within his reach, my hair is the favourite though. He pulls out at least 20 shreds daily so I should be bold any day now 😀

I discovered that leaving home in less than 30 minutes will be a challenge too. It sounds quite simple to put the baby in the stroller and walk out the door right? But no, there’s always the last-minute diaper change, missing toy, sock, hat, burping cloth, bottle, napkins, extra clothes, extra dummy, sun lotion or something else from that unlimited list of items you have to always bring with you. And that is aside from all the gear that he has. I must say that we are not those parents who think that the baby needs to have every single toy, gadget or piece of equipment in the store, in fact we try to keep it simple (in this age I think you can give a baby a wooden spoon and he would be happy), but we have never been more mules as we are now! 😀

photo 1Speaking about gadgets, we do not even have a baby monitor. At first it was a must-have item for us but after a couple of times not finding what we exactly wanted in the store, plus not really having such necessity in it, we somehow decided to try not having one. And it worked for us so far. Again, it is different for every family and what worked for us, might not work for you and your baby.

When we were in Riga two weeks ago, I left Samuel with my mother for a couple of days, alone for the first time. It went very well. In fact there were so many people entertaining him, so it did not look that he missed any of his parents, but then he was super happy to see us 🙂 We missed him like crazy!

Can’t believe that in one month he will be already half a year! I expect next few weeks to be full of major development milestones – when he will start sitting by himself and hopefully crawling! Can’t wait! 🙂

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