Is eating out a luxury if you have a baby?


Me and Seb, we love to eat! 😀 We love to cook (well Seb does, I just bake), we love to go out for a delicious dinner and when choosing a travel destination, good food is a must.

Compared to other parents who I hear are complaining that they haven’t been able to eat out because of their baby for months, I must say we were pretty lucky. During the first 2 months we could go either for brunch, lunch or dinner, Samuel would just sleep in his basinet. When he got a bit older, it was still not a problem to do so. We would try to time it with his sleeping schedule and if not, if he would not lay or sleep in the stroller, you could take just him and he would be super happy sitting on your lap and all the restaurant’s guests would go – “Aw, so cute!”. And I would go: “Oh, poor that family with the crying child, not being able to finish their meal!”.

In spite of Samuel being normally at his best behaviour, I have to admit I still could not fully enjoy the dinner, well, you know, “Will he wake up soon?”, “What will we do if he starts crying?”, “Will the others hate us?” and all that crap. 😀

Anyway, for two gourmet parents, you would think that their baby would love to go to the restaurants, right? 😀 Well, he did, until just recently. I do not know what happened the other day, but our planned 1 hour relaxing dinner at an Italian restaurant turned into 10 minutes of fast wine drinking and food swallowing. He was perfectly happy and calm in the  stroller until the very moment our food arrived (surprise, surprise :-D). Nothing worked – sitting, walking, carrying, rocking, jumping, singing and all those stupidly funny noises parents make to make their baby laugh :-D, we tried everything!

Being jealous of the neighbour family with the baby just sitting in a highchair quietly chewing on something, we tried to finish our food without even looking at what we ate and drank our wine like it was water and looking at that other baby, I went all “Aw, so cute!” and all the others looking at us – “Oh, poor that family!”.

As of now, Samuel is banned from restaurants 😀

I would love to hear other mother’s eating out stories. Please, share with me 🙂


2 thoughts on “Is eating out a luxury if you have a baby?

  1. Well, I’m mostly the mother saying look at the baby so cute sitting quite on his high chair. At the begging we stop going out, because of other people would say, how Isabella would react, what do we do if she cries. But we learned no kid is perfect all of them have good and bad moments. We can expect the to sit nice and quality for 2 hours on a restaurant. So we go out to eat every weekend and we have perfect days and eat fast let’s get out of here moments. But as crazy as it sounds we enjoy it. I take a walk with her. Put cartoons on the cell phone for her etc. We are a team. You have to do what works for you. But don’t banned yourself from restaurants. Kids are kids. And trust me we all go thrue it. I’ve learn to stay calm and approach the situation with patience. ♡


    • Hi Patricia, thanks for sharing your thoughts and support. We won’t ban ourselves from going to restaurants of course – our love for food is way too strong to do that :). I guess it is just a developmental phase, I am sure we will be able to eat out all the three of us out when he gets a bit older 🙂 Maybe for a while he won’t be joining us though :))) Thanks again and good luck!


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