Only in Stockholm: “dirty” business

When I studied in Stockholm back in 2010 I was living in a student apartment, for me it was the first time living in a dormitory. For doing my laundry I would share a laundry room with other students located outside my building (so you actually had to walk there carrying all your clothes, in rain and in -20C – that winter was crazy cold in Sweden). It always made sense to me to have a setup like this for students (it would be bizarre to have your own laundry machine in a 12 m2 room while you are sharing a kitchen with 15 others).

However, surprisingly enough, “grown-up” apartments in Stockholm do not differ that much. Continue reading


Only in Stockholm: “latte-papas”

If you have even been to IMG_3670Stockholm and wondered why the city is full of male babysitters walking around with strollers, here is an answer for you – those are actually dads 🙂

Dads with strollers walk in the parks with their take-out coffee cups in hand, they have lunch in the cafes with their friends, they go grocery shopping and bring their kids to child care centres. And not with the mommy alongside, actually alone with the kid(s). Apparently, there is even a term for this phenomenon – “latte papas” :-). Continue reading

Only in Stockholm: all ingenious is simple

Best food ordering online system that I have seen! The affiliate website was developed by three swedish students in 2005 who were back then wondering why it wasn’t possible to order pizza online. While it all started as a hobby, it now turned out to be a multi million dollar business. Continue reading

Only in Stockholm: Run Lola run!

Hi guys! Today’s blog post is all about fitness and the gym trend seen here in Stockholm. While the trend itself is actually Euro-American, the difference between gym culture in Stockholm and Riga (even though it is coming to Latvia too, but slowly) is hardly unnoticeable.

Everybody runs here!


People train like there is no tomorrow, they train at the gym, they train in parks… Continue reading

Rainy Stockholm


It is raining in Stockholm today – indoors weather so we are hanging home, playing with Samuel. He is getting more alert and sociable with every day now. I had my hair appointment in the morning, but it was a bad experience unfortunately, so I will have to address it again (!!!).

We also started some preparations for the move. Seb is flying to Malta tomorrow to check out apartments and Continue reading