Only in Stockholm: all ingenious is simple

Best food ordering online system that I have seen! The affiliate website was developed by three swedish students in 2005 who were back then wondering why it wasn’t possible to order pizza online. While it all started as a hobby, it now turned out to be a multi million dollar business. Continue reading


BBQ in Bromma

We went to Bromma (one of the neighbourhoods in Stockholm) for a BBQ tonight. It is amazing how much it differs to do groceries here in Stockholm, especially if you are buying meat. In Riga, you would have to go to MC2 or Sky to get a decent piece of filet mignon. Here, you just go to the regular grocery store regardless what time or day it is and you have an amazing selection of meat. I haven’t taken a picture today, but I will show it to you next time. It is obviously more expensive, but quality really comes along. We chose nice sirloin steaks for tonight’s treat. Went nicely with a glass of Ripasso Valpolicella.