Is eating out a luxury if you have a baby?


Me and Seb, we love to eat! 😀 We love to cook (well Seb does, I just bake), we love to go out for a delicious dinner and when choosing a travel destination, good food is a must.

Compared to other parents who I hear are complaining that they haven’t been able to eat out Continue reading


Five months as a mother

This little one is 5 months today! photoSamuel is so fun these days – smiling, laughing, he is enjoying toys and books, it is great to be around him! And he wants you to be around him too. In fact – all the time! He also screams bloody murder as soon as you leave the room! 😀

A month ago I wrote about my “regulars” – not always relevant daily concerns. It seems that I have now reached a new stage of motherhood. A couple of times I caught myself pushing a stroller without Samuel in it 🙂 And sometimes I do not even feel when he Continue reading

New things

Samuel loves trying out new things! This one is STOKKE Tripp Trapp classic highchair that I mentioned in one of my past posts. It grows with a child and can be used since born and into adulthood, you just purchase a seat suitable for the age of your baby.


We gave it a try today and he was happy! We will use it for short periods in the beginning since Continue reading

Baby on board

IMG_4015To air travel with a small baby for the first time is to some extent stressful for every mother in the world. I am always afraid to be the couple that has got an impossible baby and is hated by everybody on the plane. What do you do when there is nowhere to go? 😀

Advance preparation and following a few tricks made our flights with Samuel easier and more enjoyable. I hope some of them will come in handy for your future trips too.

1. Take a look at the baggage allowance for your airline. Travel with a baby means lots of baby gear. Continue reading

Only in Stockholm: “latte-papas”

If you have even been to IMG_3670Stockholm and wondered why the city is full of male babysitters walking around with strollers, here is an answer for you – those are actually dads 🙂

Dads with strollers walk in the parks with their take-out coffee cups in hand, they have lunch in the cafes with their friends, they go grocery shopping and bring their kids to child care centres. And not with the mommy alongside, actually alone with the kid(s). Apparently, there is even a term for this phenomenon – “latte papas” :-). Continue reading