Day in Mdina

We were exploring Mdina today – the old capital of Malta or the Silent City. It is a medieval town in the centre of the island. The city is located on a hill and has narrow streets, few inhabitants and beautiful views over the island.


Here you see the entrance and one of the cosy streets. Continue reading


Five months as a mother

This little one is 5 months today! photoSamuel is so fun these days – smiling, laughing, he is enjoying toys and books, it is great to be around him! And he wants you to be around him too. In fact – all the time! He also screams bloody murder as soon as you leave the room! 😀

A month ago I wrote about my “regulars” – not always relevant daily concerns. It seems that I have now reached a new stage of motherhood. A couple of times I caught myself pushing a stroller without Samuel in it 🙂 And sometimes I do not even feel when he Continue reading

Last day in Stockholm

me_carAfter a weekend of intense packing, heavy lifting (more for Seb rather than for me) and scrupulous planning, we can finally rest. Man, I hate packing, I get stressed while I pack and I start stressing already several days before the travel since I know I will have to be packing soon :-D. And Samuel does not make it easier either!

So today is our last day in Stockholm. Our plane for Malta leaves tomorrow at 6:50 am and at around noon (only 16 hrs to wait) we will be opening the door to our new place in Tigne Point, Sliema.

Samuel normally Continue reading