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Anyone here who has ever had a sudden obsessive idea to do something new or to change something right here right now? Appearance, personal life or the entire lifestyle? I have got a couple of those. Once it took me one lecture at university to make a decision to move to another country for 6 months studies. I left my home in the morning without knowing that already in a couple of hours I will be submitting papers, I will be interviewed and admitted to an exchange program abroad.


While that was one of the best decisions I have ever made, there is one idée fixe that keeps coming back and I am knocking it away every time. To dye my hair. 🙂 I have been blond for many years now (I think no other colour would suit me better), but from time to time I really want to go crazy and dye my hair brown or red. I am having an argument with myself every time, trying out wigs, but I am always staying put. Probably for the best though 🙂

Anyway, blogging always fell under the “dying my hair” category, something that would pop-up in my head, I would start desperately searching for the platform and then the whole idea would just die a couple of hours later lacking the commitment for the “project” to be initiated.

When on the 16th of April Samuel Theodor was born my life has gained a totally new perspective and it appears that entering the motherhood community was not the only challenge I was about to face. Shortly after the delivery, we have made plans to move to another country. This September we are moving to Malta and the obsession to start my own blog came back.

I started to think about the name for the blog and I feel that the “Continental Mama” title will very nicely reflect my purpose of the blog – to document my personal journey into the motherhood as well as share my feelings and thoughts about changes that one experiences when relocating to another country.

Besides the main focus, I will include elements of my fitness routine (and sometimes the lack of it), fashion and food. By the way, I love good food, and it does not necessarily have to be healthy, in fact it rarely is. I mean what could beat a proper steak cooked perfectly medium rare with a generous portion of Béarnaise? Chocolate maybe. 🙂

I also love traveling so I will take you on my trips with me through my galleries even though my son will result in less frequent adventures.

All the best, Tania

P.S.: I would love to receive your feedback, comments or questions about me or my blog using the contact form or leaving a reply below.


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